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Inter Can Guarantee A Comeback?

Luci a San Siro - 15 febbraio 2009
Creative Commons License photo credit: batrax

It would have taken more than a pretty sign…

After losing to Catania (under shorthanded circumstances) Inter Milan has promised that it can answer such humiliation against Chelsea in the Champion’s League on Tuesday.  Something tells me it isn’t that easy.  When you play a match in your home league, shorthanded, against a team that really needs it and you give them every advantage then you can’t turn around and say that it’ll be better next time.

True, it helps to have 11 players on the field, but it helps even more to not have drama swirling all around you.  Catania is 28 points down to Serie A leaders Inter and they just took away Inter’s momentum.  Add to that the fact that Jose Mourinho has to shame–another story altogether–then you’ve got a team on the ropes that has to travel TO England to play Chelsea.

Chelsea gets the other side of the coin.  They’re past all their drama, John Terry is on point, and he’s even speaking out in the media about wanting to throw it back in Mourinho’s face.  That kind of “spark” is exactly what  Chelsea needs to take Inter on Tuesday.  Terry’s playing well in Chelsea’s own end, Inter just lost a bad match, and Didier Drogba is in form.

This is the perfect confluence of events for Chelsea right now.  Chelsea even took care of their own business by defeating West Ham 4-1–a team that is 37 points back of them–you get the idea.  Chelsea handles their business, their coach isn’t playing the field, the Terry mess is past them, and they’re riding the top of their league,

There really isn’t any other choice right now:  Chelsea – 3   Inter – 1