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Inler Explain Napoli Incident, Vows Comitment With Udinese

Udinese’s victory against Napoli doesn’t only sparked the Bianconeri’s chance in competing for a Champions League football ticket for next season, but also raised speculation regarding Gokhan Inler’s future as the Swiss international didn’t celebrate his goal that day.

Concerning previous rumors that Inler is being courted by Napoli, rumors blows up after that match claiming that the midfielder has already signed a deal with the Southern Italian club for next summer. However, the player has already denied it and recently further added his statement by claiming he hasn’t sign with any club as just yet.

Inler claimer that the reason he doesn’t celebrate the cracking goal that he scored last Sunday was because his respect towards friends and relatives that are Napoli fans, who before the match asked him not to score a goal. The Swiss International also stated that he did the same thing last season after scoring a goal against Ac Milan in the Italian Cup, but since there was no rumors regarding a move to San Siro during that time the reaction didn’t get blown up by the media.

I have many friends in Switzerland who are Napoli supporters and they asked me not to score. Out of respect to them, I responded that way,” said Inler. “I had also done it in the Coppa Italia against Milan for the same reason, but all this chaos hadn’t happened that time.

The midfielder also apologize towards Udinese fans, who might be a little bit disappointed with his reaction as it pretty much causing lots of media speculation about his future with the Bianconeri. Inler claimed that after the match he did celebrated the victory with his teammates and ensuring the fans that they should only saw the commitment he put out on the pitch instead of the media speculation.

My heart is black and white and I think I proved that with my performance against Napoli. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, as it was not my intention. Once I got back to the locker room, I shouted my joy and embraced my teammates .My future has absolutely not been decided and I haven’t signed for another club,” Inler added.

Despite of Inler’s explanation, it’s very likely that the rumors regarding his future will keep on sparkling in the summer, considering he is being regarded as one of the best midfielder in Serie A at the moment and have had lots of admirers aside from Napoli. However, Udinese’s president did stated that should the club managed to qualify for the Champions League next season, they won’t be selling their important players including off course, their talented Swiss international.