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Inter’s Match Against Genoa Had to Be Called Off

Inter Milan’s ambition to immediately get their spirit and position up in Serie A must be halted this weekend as their scheduled match against Genoa, set for lunch time Sunday kick off, is being called off due to a flood.

The tragic disaster has been happening in Genoa over the weekend and several victims occurred from the incident, fueling the decision from both teams to cancel the match in respect of the current tragedy.

Inter Milan’s general manager, Ernesto Paolilo, confirmed that the decision in calling of the match was definitely the right thing as football should not be a priority when such a tragic disaster is happening. Reports from Italy suggested that a new date for the Genoa-Inter fixture will be set up again on Monday, confirming that the Nerazzurri and Griffone players are having an early international break.

Clearly the situation is tragic, so right now the match is the last of our concerns. It is impossible to even think about sport in this context. Some children died in the floods and our thoughts go out to all those who are suffering at this time.It was simply a moral imperative to call off the game,” Palolilo said.

Meanwhile, Genoa’s midfielder, Miguel Veloso, shared a bit of his eye-witness story about the recent flood, which the player managed to spot directly from where he is currently staying. The Portuguese international pretty much confirmed that the condition at Genoa at the moment isn’t conducive or appropriate for a football match as there’s so many destruction happening.

“The city centre is turned upside down. I live in the centre of Genoa and the main road is full of rubble. There is so much destruction. I was afraid, because I’ve never seen anything like it.” Veloso stated.