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Ibrahimovic’s Final Burn

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s negative attitude towards Italian football and Milan was surprising last week at his press conference for Barcelona.  In fact the Swedish forward’s comments were not only disrespectful, but they were borderline crossing the line.  It seems like the star player has no plans to be heading back to Italy anytime soon.   

The Serie A Golden Boot Winner & SATO Most Valuable Player sounded more like a villain out of a Rocky movie then a team leader freshly added onto the best squad in the world.  Here’s what Ib’s had to say regarding his initial interest in joining Barca, “When did I start thinking about moving somewhere else? In December, before Christmas.  The more I saw Barcelona play, the more I wanted to leave.”  That’s interesting coming from a player that claimed a few months back that he was happy where ever he played and whatever happened regardingthe Barca deal.  I guess claiming to be ‘happy either way’ is a nice way of saying ‘get me out of here’ when you’re already on a squad. 

I’ll admit that those words were not too harsh though.  But Ib’s then went on then to diss his former club rivals and his overall experience as a player in Italy, “Moreover, I was fed up of Italy, of Milan, of your football: you play badly, there’s too much stress. In short, I needed something else. Did Inter pay me more than any other footballer? No comment.”

It seems quite apparent that I’s fascination with Barca football heavily outweighs his love for Italian football.  

And so begins Rocky VII.