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Ibrahimovic Targeted By AC Milan

AC MilanHe’s staying. Oh wait, he’s definitely going. On second thought, I was right the first time and he’s gonna stay. Now wait a minute I think that was just a trick. He’s definitely going.

Not even Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s real estate agent knows what in the heck is going on.

And my money would be on the fact that Ibs, himself, probably has no clue. But with the season nearing, Barcelona and several other teams better make up their minds real fast. Every week you hear a new story about Ibs and what he is definitely going to do. The truth is that nobody really knows what is going on anymore. The thing I don’t understand is why would Barcelona allow a player as good as Ibs to leave so close to the kickoff of the season? Certainly they don’t need the money that bad do they?

And although the side has welcomed in one of the best forwards in the game this summer, and despite the fact that they already had the best forward in the world, I still think the Swedish sensation has a proper role with the Barca club and could be a force this year. Of course that role will be more limited then perhaps his glory days in Serie A and with the La Liga giants the towering forward can kiss goodbye to Golden Boot Awards and 30 plus goal seasons, but imagine what he could achieve as the Scotty Pippen of the club if you will.

But now a few AC Milan officials have recently admitted that they would love to land the star. And with his track record in the league it seems as if it would be the obvious move to try and make happen. And this is an especially interesting story considering Ibs slammed the league when he left claiming all of Inter’s rivals were classless and dirty in their style of play. In fact the man claimed that he was happy to be away from the club’s rival teams and wouldn’t mind never playing them again.

Well it’s amazing how much can change in a single season as a secondary striker.

It appears Ibs may become Serie A’s golden child once again. But the price will be set very high for the 60 million transfer man from a year back.

Creative Commons License photo credit: VanDammeMaarten.be