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Ibrahimovic talks are now open as AC-Milan are also showing interest

There has been much speculation about Ibrahimovic’s next move as people were expecting the Swedish striker to make a move away from Camp Nou but after Ibra had publicly stated that he wishes to stay with Barcelona, no one was really sure as to what will happen with the striker.

With Inter Milan being the first club expected to have the most potential in signing Ibrahimovic in which he would be re-united with his former club again, it now seems that AC-Milan are leading the race as Vice-President of the club Adiano Galliana went on to state their negotiations to sign Ibra are “officially open”.

Although Pep Guardiola has kept his mouth quiet about what his plans are with Ibrahimovic, with the arrival David Villa, anything can happen.

However, one person who can’t see a deal being made is Ibra’s agent, Mino Raiola, who says a move away from Camp Nou is nearly an impossible operation. In a recent statement made by Raiola to Sky Italia, Raiola went on to say the following :

“I believe it’s an impossible operation, Barcelona have made us understand that they don’t want to sell. I have spoken with the club and Guardiola doesn’t want to sell him. We are honoured by Milan’s interest and that of many other clubs who want Zlatan. It makes us very happy to know that Berlusconi and Galliani respect him. But we need to see the reality and Zlatan in red and black is an impossible operation. I exclude it a loan move. He is not the kind of player who goes out on loan, but I exclude almost categorically that Ibrahimovic will leave Barcelona. Many teams want him and expect that he will be sold, but right now it’s not like this. The coach commands and will absolutely not sell him. Zlatan is used to fighting for his place, there are no problems. Guardiola bought him a year ago for €70 million. He believes in him and won’t let him leave after 12 months. He remains Barcelona’s first striker. He is 99.9% staying in Catalonia. I don’t hide the fact that he doesn’t like being out of the team, then again we’ll see what happens on September 1. But I repeat, Guardiola has decided not to sell him. But like Galliani said, we can dream!”

Ibrahimovic may have not had the dream start for Barcelona last season but he still was able to score 16 goals in 29  season games. Fans are hoping to see more of Ibra as he has to fill the shoes of Samuel Eto’o who was by far (in my opinion) one of Barcelona’s best players. Eto’o  is not a easy person to replace on the field and although Barcelona did in fact end as the Spanish champions, Inter Milan won a lot more as they were able to enjoy a treble awarded season.

Can you see Barcelona wanting to loan off a player like Ibrahimovic or would they rather try and sell the player ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.