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Ibrahimovic Struck By Fatigue

Pato e IbrahimovicAc Milan haven’t had the best of luck in their last two games in which they only managed to pick up two points from the possible three, however aside from injuries and lack of chemistry in the midfield another factor can be considered as the cause of their drop points.

The latest thing that can be listed as one of the cause is Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s condition, the Swede international has just admitted that in the last few games, especially in the last two he isn’t actually playing at 100% because of feeling fatigue.

Speaking to the press during his training camp with the Sweden national team, Ibrahimovic suggested that looking at his current physical condition kinda reminds him that he might be thinking of getting more rest in the next few games. The former Inter Milan player, feels that if he doesn’t listen to his body, he might not make it until the end of the season as injuries could pretty much happens if he doesn’t act smart especially in keeping his physical condition especially with Milan’s tight schedule in the coming weeks.

“I have to be smart and listen to my body so that I stay fit all season. I feel very tired. The last two games, I have not been 100 per cent. I run around the pitch without something happening,” Ibrahimovic stated.

The Big Swede is entitled to be feeling the tiredness as despite the heavy schedule that Milan are having, he has been playing in pretty much every matches in which he starts almost all of them aside from one Italian Cup fixture where he only came in as a substitute. Just like he said, the evidence of his below par performances this season can be seen in the last two games where the Swede doesn’t seem able to decide the match outcome and looked lost at some occasion.

Checking out his statement above that said he should listen to his body more, it might be a sign that the Swedish player is looking to play smarter in next coming weeks and maybe even accepting some bench roles so he can play 100% in the important matches. Although it may seem difficult considering Ibra’s importance on the pitch, an alternative solution would be getting him as the player being substituted in the second half especially when the team are winning already.

Considering his experience and strength, relying on Ibra’s quality is surely an important strategy for Milan this season, but surely the team and Ibrahimovic’s himself should be much more aware over his own physical condition. Having the Sweden international fit until the end of the season is much more important for the Rossoneri’s dream in getting some silverware this season, losing an important player like the former Barcelona striker in the later stage of the competition because of fatigue would not be a good thing for the club’s season.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jan S0L0