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Ibrahimovic Slams Legendary Milan Coach Sacchi

AC Milan’s new signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic is no stranger to controversy, however, the Swede’s actions during a television interview that also included former Italy and Milan coach Arigo Sacchi leaves little to be desired from the Champions League hero.

Not only were Ibra’s remarks offensive, but they were also derogatory to a man who’s contributions for his club and country far eclipse the 29 year old’s achievements.

Apparently, Ibrahimovic did not take it lightly when Sacchi joked that he would not have scored Milan’s first goal had it not been for his big feet. below is a dialogue of the heated conversation.

Ibrahimovic: “Sacchi needs to learn how to shut up,” “He also seems jealous because he’s talking too much, he needs to talk less about me on TV and in the newspapers.“If he wants something he can come and see me about it. If you don’t like the way I play, don’t come and watch me.”

Tv presenter tries to explain Sacchi’s comment but Ibrahimovic would hear none of it.

Ibrahimovic: “He also said things about me when I was at Barcelona,”

Sacchi: “I believe I can express my opinion in a polite and correct way, I don’t believe I’ve offended you,”

Ibrahimovic: When someone talks too much, they talk too much, you’re one of those people. If you don’t like the way I play, don’t come and watch me,”

Sacchi: “Let me explain,”

Ibrahimovic: “You don’t need to explain anything to me,”

Sacchi: “You need to learn some manners, son,”

I totally agree with Sacchi. Ibra should not only learn some manners, but he should also take his own advise and shut up because frankly all this big talking will only alienate him from the fans. Ever since joining the Rossoneri, Ibrahimovic has sort of been on a war path with his former clubs telling of the unfair treatment he received while playing for Barcelona and blasting Inter for not acknowledging his contributions to their treble winning season last year.

Arigo Sacchi was AC Milan coach from 1987-1991 guiding the Rossoneri to two European titles and the Serie A title. He later become coach of the national team leading them to the 1994 World Cup final which they lost to Brazil.

Ibrahimovic may have superb talent but his personality could ruin his career.

Photo credit: from Catatan Bola Photo Gallery