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Ibrahimovic Should Learn to Zip It

He is one 0f the greatest Serie A players in recent memory.  He is among the best goal scorers in all of the world.  He has more Serie A titles then almost any active player.  But what is the matter with Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

It seems that whenever Italian football is brought up to the guy he has something negative to say.  For one of the best players to hail from the league; (the same league that made him a wealthy man by the way) he also loves to mock his former rivals and, worst off, his former team as well.

Perhaps Zlatan’s problem is he is too honest; like honest to the point that you would like to tape his mouth shut.  The banter starting when he was transferred to Spain.  Prior to the move Mr. Ibs simply said he was interested in the transfer, but was happy with where he was at.  Boy was that a lie! 

So on second thought maybe honesty isn’t his best trait.

When Ibs got his wish and was sent to Barcelona for Samuel Eto’o he labeled Serie A a “dirty league” and considered his rivalry days with AC Milan a blessing to be over.  A little bit harsh considering the guy played for two of the best Italian teams and one of them was nice enough to allow you to leave in the first place, but fair enough Mr. Ibs.

But last week Ibs, for the first time, decided to directly go after Inter.  Here is what the Golden Boot winner had to say to Barca Magazine regarding his new team compared to his former:

In Inter there weren’t many players who could make the difference.  When someone wasn’t good, the game became difficult.  But at Barca, even if there is an absentee there is always someone who makes the difference and we win. This is what makes Barcelona a great team.