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Ibrahimovic Keen On A Move To Milan

After just one season in Spanish top flight football, former Juventus, Inter Milan and Barcelona striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is leaving the Nou Camp a disgraced man. The Swede is considered surplus to requirements by the Catalans after failing to live up to his 46 million Euro price tag.

Ibra gave his most clearest indication that he will not be wearing the Blue and Scarlet Barcelona jersey next season when he told his agent to look for greener pastures, preferably in Italy with Milan being his choice destination.

As  strange as his request sounds, news of Ibra’s desired move to Milan is bound to ruffle many Serie A fans and pundits. Mino Raiola Ibrahimovic’s agent was in Milan this past weekend to reach some sort of agreement with Milan although club officials quickly dispelled his visit saying it had no relation to Ibrahimovic. Yeah right!

Paying 9 million Euros as an annual wage for a player that lacks consistency is a risk Milan should not take no matter how talented Ibrahimovic is. Milan should instead look to bring in a player that has a strong track record like Dzeko.

Again, Ibra’s move to Milan would mean Pato going in the opposite direction-something the Milan faithful would never allow. Ibrahimovic’s move would also relegate Dutch striker Klass Jan Hunelaar to the bench. In my opinion, Huntelaar is far better than Ibrahimovic and although he has had a difficult first season with the Rossoneri, Milan would greatly lose out if they decided to sell him.

Another fact that may hamper Ibrahimovic’s move is money. It is a known fact that Milan are experiencing financial difficulties and Ibra joining the Rossoneri would mean him agreeing on a pay cut down to 4 million Euros- the maximum that Milan are willing to part with.

Ibrahimovic’s talent is unquestionable, however, a move back to Italy would not be in his best interest simply because he needs a new and bigger challenge to bring out the best in him.

Photo credit: from cvrcak1