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Ibrahimovic Interested In EPL Future

Camp Nou. 14-04-2006Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been one of the most popular transfer targets this summer and several rumors that the Barcelona striker was heading back to Serie A or even to the EPL have been reported over the last few months.

And with several years still left on the Swedish sensation’s contract, it appears his service will most likely remain at Camp Nou for awhile, but in the modern day football world you never really do know.

And Ibrahimovic recently admitted that he was flattered by the fact that Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United were all reportedly interested in negotiating for his services. And the former Serie A multiple time Golden Boot winner did suggest that he would love to play in the world’s most competitive league sometime before he hangs up the boots.

Ibrahimovic talks about his bizarre summer and the chances of remaining with the former treble winners and his feelings about playing in England down the road:  

The whole summer, it has been a new club every day. I’m very happy there is an interest in me but I have four years more with Barcelona and I will not leave Barcelona because I am very happy there and I play with the best team in the world.

I’m very happy to stay there but if clubs are interested in me, I take it as a compliment. It means I’m doing a good job.

To play in England one day – absolutely. I feel I can give much more and I can still develop. You never know what happens in football, in 24 hours a lot of things can change.

And Ibrahimovic scored 16 goals last season in 28 appearances for Barcelona in La Liga and the total was considered to be below what was expected out of the former Inter Milan striker.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Laureà