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Ibrahimovic Does Not Deserve All This Attention

After stating categorically that Milan will not be spending any more on new players in this transfer window, Milan Vice President seems to have gone back on his word. The Rossoneri executive was quoted earlier this month as saying that the club will not be landing any new players unless, they offload some of their current players.

Now, for the first time, Galliani has broken his silence on the Ibrahimovic saga. Speaking to Sky Sports 24, Galliani was quoted as saying that they will try and sign Ibra, despite the obvious challenges.

“It will be very difficult to sign Ibrahimovic, but we will try.”

To be honest, Milan should rather spend that money trying land a player like Dzeko or Adebayor. Ibrahimovic is a talented player however what we don’t need in Milan is another primadonna who will cause disharmony in the club.

Ibrahimovic reportedly earned a whooping 16 million dollars last year as a Barcelona player. With the club undergoing massive financial constraints that have seen some of their star players negotiate new terms, this is way too much to pay a player who decides to perform when he feels like.

Moreover, a majority of Milan fans do not even want him in the squad. The out of favour Ibrahimovic should have read the signs earlier. His honeymoon period with the La Liga champions is over. He will now have to fight for a starting position just like any other player.

Photo credit: from uefacl2009