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Ibrahimovic Denies Madrid Links

cornerRecently there have been rumors spreading in the media, speculating about Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s future, saying that the Swede international won’t be continuing his adventure with Ac Milan and opted to join Real Madrid instead as Jose Mourinho reportedly wants him.

However, Ibrahimovic once again washed away the gossip as the striker stated that he has no intention in leaving the Rossoneri and even plans to stay for the next three season.

“It’s completely untrue,” Ibra answered about the rumors of his departure. “I want to stay with Milan for another three years. I am happy there.”

This denial is not the first time that the striker confirmed as previously there are also other rumors speculating about his future with Milan, as Manchester City was the club that being linked with him before the Madrid rumors spreads. Just as what he recently answered during his participation for the Euro 2012 qualification with his country, back than Ibrahimovic also revealed his commitment in staying with the red and black squad.

The Swede striker keeps on saying that the reason what makes him choses Milan last summer was because the special project that the club is running, something that has already managed to be achieved this season by ending Inter Milan’s domination in Serie A. Next season, Ibrahimovic, will definitely try to end the recent negative label that has been put on him regarding his inability to be successful in the Champions League by winning the competition with the Rossoneri.

However, considering his big name, and the fact that Ibrahimovic has never been known as a loyalist, every summer there will always be rumors about his future, just like what happened in the last few years of his footballing career. Still, the Swede does seem very keen in staying in Milan at least for next summer especially with the project that the club’s building which pretty much set him as one of the backbone of the team.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Jan S0L0