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Ibra-Kaka Swap Is Just A Silly Rumor For Allegri

Pato e IbrahimovicIn the final days of the league competition in Europe, the silly season is about to start, a condition in which transfer rumors flooding the press and causing lots of havoc for many clubs’ fans in all over the world.

One of the latest ‘mega’ rumors that recently emerged comes from Spain media that suggested a potential swap move made by Ac Milan and Real Madrid involving Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ricardo Kaka. Clearing things out in front of the Italian media, Milan’s coach, Massimiliano Allegri, squashed the unfounded rumor claiming it was nothing more than a classic end of season stories.

“I don’t know anything about this. This is just the usual transfer gossip at the end of the season. The club’s transfer strategy, which concerns the contract renewals as well, will start next week,” Allegri stated.

Although this words might not enough to stop the ‘gossip girls’ in providing more additional spices in the future, still there’s a lot of things that make the swap rumors looks nothing more than a silly speculation. One of the most important thing is the fact that Milan supposedly haven’t started their obliged payment to Barcelona regarding Ibrahimovic’s deal, meaning technically Ibra is still a Catalan owned player before next summer.

Off course once the first installment of payment being given, the Rossoneri management might be able to do anything with the Swede’s contract but considering the super intense relationship that Barca and Madrid have over the season, it’s highly unlikely that the Catalan team would allow Milan to make any deal regarding Ibrahimovic with Madrid, at least for one or two seasons. Moreover, the swap rumor was pretty much sparked following Silvio Berlusconi ambiguous statement of opening a return door back to the club’s runaway hero, Kaka, should the Brazilian keen on making a return to San Siro.

Considering the prize that Madrid cash out for Kaka, the media surely speculated that it would take a swap if Milan were really serious in getting back their former prodigy next summer. Moreover, with the past relationship between Ibrahimovic and current Madrid’s coach, Jose Mourinho, everything seems perfect for another silly rumors scenario.

The thing is, not long ago the media also reacted the same way when Berlusconi shouted his dream in getting Cristiano Ronaldo to play for the Rossoneri, which is speculating a swap between Ibrahimovic and the Portugues is on the card. Looking on this past rumor, it seems that Allegri is the one who had the most objective words from this speculation as the whole thing is nothing more than a spark of what soon to be a busy summer full of gossip that will take off wildly from July 1.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jan S0L0