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Ibra Desires Some Rest

Zlatan Ibrahimovic left Barcelona for AC Milan because the Serie A side offered the Swedish star the chance to regularly play in the starting XI. When Barca signed David Villa this summer, Ibra had no guarantees of regular minutes from Pep Guardiola and the Barcelona front office decided to deal away their valuable forward because of his desire to play elsewhere.

But perhaps Ibra’s dream of playing all the time has actually become his nightmare. The first year AC Milan man recently admitted that he is exhausted from all of the minutes he’s playing and the former Inter star isn’t expecting too much of a break anytime soon with the long term injuries of Inzaghi and Pato:

I have played many games this season and now I feel tired, almost worn out. Seeing that at Milan there are two injured strikers, the situation is not very easy for me. I have to thank the Sweden Coach who allowed me to rest a little bit this week.

And in the modern day game with matches on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc… players often do play too many minutes and I think that is definitely what Wayne Rooney and other Premier League stars suffered from last season once the World Cup came around. But it is a bit funny that a professional athlete would complain about playing in too many games especially when they just left a team that couldn’t squeeze them into the starting lineup.

Ibra will likely not get his wish simply due to all the other injuries this season. Ronaldinho started alongside the former Barca man despite rumors of partying last night. So Milan needs to use anybody available at the moment and why would you not if you had a guy with Ibra’s talent?

By the way Ibra scored the lone goal of the match earlier tonight for Milan to win 1-0. So I guess he still has a little bit of gas left in the tank.