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Ibra Claims AC Milan Is Better Than Barcelona

AC MilanFormer Barcelona man Zlatan Ibrahimovic has recently attacked many targets including his former Barcelona coach, his former Italian side of Inter, and most recently his former side of Barcelona. The Swedish striker claimed a year back that he was thankful for the move to Camp Nou because the side played the purest form of football on the planet. He also claimed that Serie A football was dirty, not as exciting to watch and he admitted that he was glad to leave the Italian league.

Now Ibra is claiming that AC Milan is a better organization then Barcelona:

No player can say no to Milan. There’s nothing much to think about, you just say yes and thank the club,” Ibrahimovic said. “I think Milan are greater than Barcelona if you look at the history. I don’t know what the problem was at Barcelona, but Berlusconi convinced me to come here. I spoke to him twice and he said many important things. It convinced me. I was already ready, before the clubs agreed. Galliani then came to Barcelona and he said to me ‘I won’t go back to Milan without you.

And there is no doubt that Ibra feels the way he does simply because he was neglected in Spain. The striker became the third attacking option when the Spanish former treble winners recently acquired David Villa from Valencia and now that Ibra has moved yet again, he is willing to throw his former side under the bus much like he did a year ago to the Italian league.

And with a potential players strike looming, Serie A has come into question this season due to players and management disagreeing on the subject of transfer rights. So the Swede’s first season back could be seriously damaged by this notion. But the striker did recently express his desire to play against his former Italian side of Inter. The striker recently admitted that he thought his new side was a better team and knowing the way Ibra evaluates his former club’s this should come as no surprise. The former Barca man would even deem his side as favorites this season despite Inter achieving a historic treble victory last year:

I can’t wait to play against Inter. I had a great time at Barcelona and Inter, but Inter are the opposition and I cannot wait for the derby. This year’s Serie A is between two clubs… Milan and Inter, but we will finish first and they will finish second. Now I am a Milan player. I don’t care what Inter have been saying. Milan is my future. We are complete now and have a great mentality. We are favourites to win the Scudetto now. I won at Inter, but now I am here to win. I hope I can do better here compared to what I did at Juventus and Inter. We will make sure the fans enjoy the season.

Regardless of which team could potentially come out on top, let’s just hope that the fans have something to enjoy this year. Because if nobody plays then nobody wins.

Creative Commons License photo credit: VanDammeMaarten.be