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I Would Never Pay To Watch Brazil

These are not my words but those of  former 3 time European player of the year Johan Cruyff. As World Cup action takes a deserved two day break ahead of the quarter final fixtures scheduled for Friday, former Dutch international Johan Cruyff is the latest big profile name to join the raging Brazil debate.

I know you are probably wondering why there is so much fuss surrounding Brazil and rightly so because they are winning aren’t they?  However, when your are the top ranked footballing nation in the world, it comes with the package.

According to Cruyff, Brazil do not only play dull football, but they are ‘Just like any other squad’. I do not fully agree with that statement however, Cruyff has a point. When you set a standard, you should always look to match or better it. Brazil have always been known to play that attractive football that excites and entertains fans.

That is their standard and anything short of it is bound to raise fan unrest. Brazil has never been known to play defensive football. In fact, their best defense system is to attack. Dunga might be getting the results but he is denying die hard Brazil fans like me, Cruyff and the many millions the opportunity to marvel at their artistic wizardry.

“Where has the Brazil team we all know disappeared to in this World Cup?” “I look at this team and I remember people like Gerson, Tostao, Falcao, Zico or Socrates. Now I only see Gilberto, Melo, Bastos, Julio Baptista.

“Where is the Brazilian magic? I could understand why Dunga has picked some players but where is the playmaker or skill in midfield? I don’t think any spectator would pay to watch them. I would never pay for a ticket.”

Brazil are no doubt one of the teams people want to see. This is very much evident by the number of fans who turn up for their games.

“Brazil need to play with more intensity, more bite on the pitch, because they are not special. Always the fans want to enjoy Brazil, enjoy their fantasy at World Cups, but they do not have that this summer.

“They have talented players but they play in a way which is more defensive and is less exciting. It is a shame for the fans and the tournament. They are one of the teams people want to see.”

With the Netherlands keen on winning their first world title this summer, they will not let anything come in between their way, even the mighty Brazil. That said, we are definitely in for a good game this Friday.

photo credit: from che1899