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I Was Right–Crazy Coaches Work!


Who’s the prettiest?

So, in the “change of heart” category I totally won yesterday when Bayern defeated Lyon 1-0.  I just had a thought that coaches who motivate through the media can have great effect on their players and that it somehow works in International Soccer when it doesn’t work anywhere else.

I think I know why it works in Soccer. 

Soccer players may be tough, and they may be gritty, but they also have a machismo that does not exist anywhere else in the world–except in weird Italian night clubs, but that’s another story.

These players are very concerned with their image, but not necessarily their “street cred”.  They don’t everyone to think that they can just kill someone at the drop of a hat.  They NEED everyone to think that they are suave, and cool, and don’t need to be told what to do.

This is why Soccer managers throughout the world keep complaining about buying players–they were once themselves players and they know that you feel inadequate without people around you who are–adequate.

These guys don’t want to be the best looking guy in the room.  No, they want to be the best looking of the best looking.  It does nothing for someone like Cristiano Ronaldo to stand next to me and be prettier.  We know he’s prettier.  No, he must stand next to Benzema and be prettier than him.  That’s a motivator in international soccer.

So, who has the prettier team with the most preening and posturing?  I think that might be Real Madrid, followed by Inter, and maybe United.

It makes sense now that Inter beat up on Barca–they just have Messi and he’s the prettiest by far.  It’s a very weird situation we’re in.  Now that I know this I’m going to be looking at dudes way too much.  However, you cannot deny this as truth.

Dudes want to be the prettiest on their “pretty” team.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Pablo Lancaster-Jones Photo