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I want proof of greatness

This Saturday and Sunday Barca, Real Madrid, and Valencia all have matches against undermatched opponents.  The thing is:  I’m not expecting blowouts.  No, I’m thinking we have some real issues on our hands. 

Barca gets Osasuna, Real Madrid gets Getafe, and Valencia gets Malaga.  I know these seem like easy wins but I’m not sure of anything anymore.  I know this…the good teams better bring it because I think they smell blood in the water.

Mallorca has no money they’re nipping at the heels of the top teams.  Coruna isn’t much better off and they’re in the same spot.  I used to think this was a top-heavy league and now I’m not so sure.

Atletico Madrid has said that they have been getting big money offers for their best players (which means they possess real talent.)  Gijon, Getafe, and Espanyol all have 12 points.  But, Robinho wants to come to the Capital and give Barcelona more firepower.

If that isn’t unpredictable I don’t know what is…

On a lighter note I think it’s funny that Robinho wants to come to Barca because he wants to “be the best player in the world.”  Um, listen Robi baby.  Scottie Pippen played with Michael Jordan.  You’re Scottie and Leo is Jordan.  Get a hold of yourself!