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I Need More Time

After a horrendous Africa Cup qualifying campaign that saw the Super Eagles bundled out of the 2012 footballling showpiece, Nigeria coach Samson Siaisa has pleaded with his country to give him more time to find his winning formula.

Nigeria failed to make it to the biannual tournament for the first time since 1996. The 2 time winners have seen their dominance on the African continent fall to a point that it is no longer considered a football giant.

It is no secret that Siasia will likely be fired by the NFF in the coming weeks, however, the key question is whether the team will  find an adequate replacement in time for the 2014 World Cup qualifiers that are scheduled to begin on the 11th of next month.

Speaking to reporters Siasia tried to put into perspective the results of his team.

“I love this job and I know what I’m doing, I just need some time,” Siasia said.

“Let [Nigeria fans] look at what we have been doing, let them look at the games we have played and compare them with videos of before I took over – they can see improvements, they can see changes.

They can see the players running, not what we saw at the World Cup. I don’t need to tell them, let them go and look. Most of the players causing the problems are the ones who have been there for more than 5 years. They just want to take over the camp and I won’t let them.”

Not one to mince his words Siasia’s comment could be in reference to Nigerian legend Nwanko Kanu. There is no doubt that Kanu is one of Africa’s biggest stars however, his performances over the years have not been consistent.

In fact, his inclusion in the Nigerian World Cup squad came as a surprise to many and it was very obvious that the then coach Shaibu amodu wanted to send the star out in style.

On his handling of the team, this is Siasia had to say:

“I am not a brutal person or a dictator, I try to compromise,”‘ 

“But I am the head coach and whatever happens I will take responsibility. It takes time to build a team. Give us some time. We know Nigerians are hurting but give us some time.”

The time Siasia is talking apparently won’t help as the NFF look to replace him immediately.

Photo credit © angah316