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I Have A 2010 World Cup Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. - I Have A Dream Speech
Creative Commons License photo credit: e-strategyblog.com

The Date: It’s MLK Day and many people around the US are feeling inspired by both Dr. King and the historic path of social progress he helped pave. I believe Dr. King was one of the most influential leaders of not just the 20th Century, but the entire 234 year history of the US. He had a dream, and every single day I think we get closer to realizing it. I had a dream last Friday too. If you will recall, I predicted the US would beat ENG at the 2010 World Cup. Am I crazy? 

The Hate: Now, I had one or two regular readers express to me that – while they liked my enthusiasm for our Nats and my optimism for our potential in 2010 – they thought I was bloody insane. I promise you though, I am not mentally ill. How could I be? After all, I’m just a giant glass of orange juice! Seriously though, I do not think I need to be committed to the loony bin just because I am the only person suggesting we could lick those limey bastard Brits.

The Fate: Of course, we will have to wait until the game occurs to find out if I am a soothsayer or a sod (most likely, both). You can call me crazy (and irreverent and inappropriate for using MLK Day to get my point across), but I – the Yank – also have a dream. I have a dream that this summer our nation’s squad will rise up and work together to achieve a historic goal. I have a dream that we can win the 2010 World Cup. To get there, we cannot walk alone.

We must join hands and stride into South Africa as one. Yes, I too have a dream. Please, do not pinch me.

Will my dream end up turning into a nightmare? Who knows? Only time will tell. If we lose, I will certainly have trouble erasing the distressing images from my mind. I could lose sleep for weeks, even months. But, if we win – Oh Lord – if we actually win, we will give the English nightmares for centuries. We would also get closer to fulfilling our most desired dream of all, winning the 2010 World Cup. If we just beat ENG, it will be a dream.

But, if we win the World Cup, it will be a wet one.

Wow, real classy way to end a post that started out discussing the merits of MLK, huh?