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Huntelaar Stays with Milan

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kieran Lynam

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is reportedly off the transfer list and will be a member of Milan’s club for the remainder of the year.  Many football critics had claimed that Huntelaar was on the move due to his lack of valuable minutes on the pitch for Milan this season, but the club officials have  squashed those rumors claiming that the Dutchman is right where he will stay for the remainder of the year. 

Huntelaar has yet to really find his groove in Serie A football.  The winger/forward just recently scored his first Italian goal about a month back and in the biggest and brightest matches Huntelaar has seen minimal playing time.  Some critics claim that their is no space in the lineup for the star player; whereas some more skeptical critics believe that his brand of football is not compatible with Italian football (or Spanish football for that matter). 

But Huntelaar will be granted at least a few more months with Leonardo’s squad and maybe as the year progresses the Dutchmen will to.  Possibly the most interesting part of this story is not Huntelaar’s performance in Serie A, but the desire for him that was brewing in the Premier League in England.  Huntelaar’s name had been linked to moves to five different top level squads all viewing for a top four spot.  Everton, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Liverpool were a few of the clubs that had supposedly shown interest in the young Dutchmen.

So although this season has not been ideal for Huntelaar there are plenty of squads interested in his future.