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Huge Weekend in Premiership

Well at the end of super Sunday in England, Arsenal and Manchester United solidified there positions as the top two teams in the country. When the dust had settled after two intriguing games the table looks like this:

  • Arsenal – 40 points
  • Man Utd – 39 points
  • Chelsea – 34 points
  • Liverpool – 30 points (Liverpool have a game in hand over the other three)

Each of the big three have now played each other once and the results have had an impact on the table. The head to head table is:

  • Man. Utd – 7 points
  • Arsenal – 5 points
  • Liverpool – 2 points
  • Chelsea – 1 point

Chelsea has been able to pick up only 1 point versus its main rivals (and that was a disputed draw at Anfield) and that is the primary reason why they are six 6 points back. Also, Chelsea has had the disadvantage of playing all three of its rivals away. If Chelsea is going to continue to challenge for the title they will need to win all three home games against its rivals.

Liverpool were a little unlucky to lose today, but I am not sure if they have the overall skill needed to win the league. They seem to be missing a playmaker, someone who can create the opening for Torres or Gerrard in a tight game. In order to compete for the title, Liverpool will have to go to Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge and probably win both games. At the moment I think that is asking to much for Liverpool.

The winners this weekend were certainly Arsenal and Man Utd. As we head into the holiday schedule the race for the title appears to be as two team race. However, I am sure that this season will see many more twists and turns before the race is over.