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How Long Will Messi Be Messed Up?

Barcelona was dealt a tough blow a week back when superstar forward Lionel Messi went down with a painful thigh injury in their match against Bilbao.  The LLTO Player of the Year from last season was apparently in a great deal of pain as he fell to the turf in the second half of the competition immediately grabbing at his thigh in agony.  The injury occurred in the 75th minute of the match and doctors reported after the incident occurred that they believed the star player suffered a tear in his left thigh.

The injury couldn’t have come at a tougher time for Barcelona regarding their upcoming week of action.  The Argentine goal scoring machine was held out of the Champions League match in the middle of the week although he appeared to be dressed out for the competetion and he was expected to miss the Real Madrid battle for first place over the weekend.

Any type of muscle tear would likely sideline the star player for at least a few weeks at a minimum and depending on how the squad fared over the weekend (this article was written Wednesday of last week) they may be able to ease the forward back into the lineup over time.

But the bad news is that Messi (the best player in the world) will likely be out for at least a brief stint and La Liga will have one less star on the pitch.  Barcelona will likely have to continue the good fight without their most decorated general.