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Houston and Galaxy to Settle the Western Conference on Friday

Houston travels to L.A. on Friday to take on the Galaxy for the Western Conference crown.  This is the matchup of all matchups.  The two best teams in the West (which makes it all the more funny that RSL is in the East and yet the city is farther west than Houston, but who’s counting really?)

L.A. brings David Beckham and Landon Donovan (who deserves a new Honda if he’s gonna be the player of the year AND the player of the decade [all sponsored by Honda of course]) and Houston brings Brian Chung’s 8 goals and no Superstars.  Perhaps the team concept is what got Houston this far?

With Brad Davis coming in with 12 assists the key should for the Galaxy should be to take away the Dynamo’s assist machine in Davis and then they can let Brian Chung try to beat them on his own.  With no one to feed a goal scorer the ball how is Houston going to win?  Foiling L.A.’s gameplan of course!

Landon Donovan has 12 goals and 6 assists and if you take him out of the game then what does the Galaxy have to hangs its hat on?  Buddle’s 5 goals, Gordon’s 3 or Beckham’s 2?  I don’t think so!  An old and fading David Beckham isn’t dragging this team anywhere and a guy with 5 goals (Buddle) isn’t going to all of the sudden put this team on his back.  Houston takes away Landon and they have this one in the bag.

Now, I know Soccer is a possession game and everyone plays their position, but if you’re Houston you’ve got to find a way to “double team” Landon so the rest of their team has to beat you.  This isn’t like the NBA where you let LeBron have his 40 and everyone else gets shut down…noooooooo, you have to give Landon nothing and see if his team can get EVERYTHING.

If the rest of the Galaxy squad is supposed to win this game they probably can’t.  I’m going to assume that Houston knows this and since taking away a star is more hurtful than stopping an assist man then I’ll take Houston in this one.

Houston – 1  Galaxy – 0