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The Sexiest US WNT Players: Who’s #1?

Come on. You knew I was going to put Hope Solo in the #1 slot. Didn’t you? If not, you obviously haven’t read any of my previous posts about my adoration and respect for the WNT’s keeper. Sure, many people dislike her assertive, confident style (which she displayed at the 2007 World Cup), but I like my ladies like I like my keepers:

Self-assured, feisty and always focused. And Solo fits all of these elements. She’s the keeper who doesn’t think you won’t score on her, she knows it. I imagine when guys hit on her, she doesn’t think they will get rejected, she knows it. But, maybe that is just my own “hopes” and wishes talking. Wow, that was probably the worst pun ever typed. 

But, I think what makes Hope Solo sexy can be summed up in four words usually attributed to President Obama:

“The Audacity of Hope”…

She’s not afraid to speak her mind, and I think speaking up for oneself is the sexiest thing a woman can do (I would have been alone on that about 50 years ago). Plus, in addition to her confidence, Solo is just a straight up fox. I mean, look at her in the picture above and the one to the left. She’s simply divine and the picture of athleticism.

Like I said, she’s the classic athlete, but she also has the facial features of a classic Hollywood star. In short, in my opinion, she is the sexiest WNT player on the current squad. She’s also perhaps our best player, which just exponentially increases her sexiness.

Plus, she’s Han Solo’s daughter. Well, not really, but I can fantasize, can’t I?

And I will…