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Hopeful Roma Confident Over De Rossi Extension Deal

DV599700Making several changes in the squad already this summer, As Roma doesn’t want the departure trends among their key players followed by one of the club’s icon, Daniele De Rossi, who still hasn’t penned an extension with the capital club.

Having difficulties in getting the player’s agreement, the club reportedly has made a new offer hoping that the vice captain can finally agree with the terms and closed down the midfielder potential departure as a free agent next summer.

Confirmed by Roma’s chief executive, Claudio Fenucci, the new deal has been presented to De Rossi and at the moment things seems to be on the player’s hand on whether he agrees with the new term or not. Fenucci however, is very confident that the vice captain has only one interest which is to stay with the club, but there’s still some personal details that needs to be find between both parties in order to make the relationship continues.

“We have presented an offer to extend to De Rossi, and I think it is in the interest of the player and club to continue this relationship. We just have to find the right balance and I am convinced that in the end we will come out on top. As is the case in these matters, there is a request from the player and an offer from the club. It’s about structuring the contract based on this viewpoint; a flexible deal to suit the player’s wishes and the Roma of the future,” Fenucci stated.

Despite having difficulties in making an agreement with De Rossi, Roma themselves apparently isn’t willing to part way with the midfielder as the club’s director, Walter Sabatini, has confirmed that the Giallorossi’s vice captain isn’t for sell, despite interesting offers from Chelsea and Manchester City. Sabatini also stated that he would be willing to wait for the negotiation as long as possible rather than selling the player this summer, although there’s a risk in losing De Rossi for free when his contract ends in 2012.

“Daniele is not subject to negotiations, as he has never and will never be on the market. We are in talks over the renewal and will not begin any process with other clubs. He is not for sale,” Sabatini said. “I’d prefer to have long negotiations over the contract renewal and risk losing him in a year than let him go today. The club will do everything possible to keep hold of De Rossi.


photo credit: chiesaditotti