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Honduras’ World Cup Preview: The Debate

hondurasThe Glass is Half Empty

If you think Honduras has a chance of doing anything great this summer, then perhaps you should examine the side’s recent WCQ.  Honduras only made the World Cup final because we Yanks helped them out by drawing Costa Rica in our final qualifying match.  If we would have rolled over and let Costa Rica win then Honduras would have been out of luck with a fourth place finish.  But barely making it through the WCQ in the CONCACAF division only spells trouble for Honduras.  It isn’t the toughest division to survive, but Honduras has only survived it twice in their history.  And last time they made the Cup 28 years ago, they were sent home early.  Expect similar results for the team with 1,000 to 1 odds because those odds aren’t very good.

The Glass is Half Full

Sure Honduras barely made the Cup this year, but all that matters is that they are here and are therefore equal to every other team who earned a spot.  Also their WCQ division has become increasingly tougher to advance through with the US and Mexico becoming two better then average global squads.  CONCACAF still might not be Europe, but it isn’t a bunch of pushovers either.  Honduras does have a shot of going far because they have plenty of explosive players that can change a score in a brief moment.  They might not be the best team around, but Honduras is worth the bet with 1,000 to 1 odds.  It’s a big payoff and the team will be overlooked.  Besides isn’t Spain known for choking anyway?

Creative Commons License photo credit: The U.S. Army