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Hodgson Launches Attack On Liverpool’s Former Boss

Liverpool vs. Lyn på BislettOne of the many reasons why Rafael Benitez had left the EPL’s Liverpool was because of his lack of control he had with management regarding players that desired to leave. Today Liverpool’s new coach Roy Hodgson has accused the new Inter Milan coach of attempting to poach players from his former side.

Hodgson has worked hard in recent months to shore up the personnel problems that existed at Liverpool when he took over the reigns a few months back following his departure from Fulham. And the coach was able to successfully convince Gerrard and Torres to stay at Anfield this season although it appears Javier Mascherano is going to be transferred due to his refusal to play for the English side.

And when it was recently reported that forward/midfielder Dirk Kuyt was interested in a move to his former boss’ side in Italy, Hodgson fumed over the potential illegal secret actions being done by his side’s former manager. Hodgson claims that Rafa contractually agreed to leave Liverpool players alone when he left the organization:   

When he left the club Rafael Benitez signed an agreement that he would not poach players from Liverpool. We haven’t received an offer from any club so this is something obviously going on behind the scenes, with the agent possibly talking to the manager of Inter Milan.

And it’s easy to see both sides of the debate. Hodgson is merely trying to keep the team he has intact and doesn’t want to lose players at the last moment to team’s that do not desperately need the star as much as his own. Also if Rafa agreed to such a deal then privately talking to his former players about making the switch is in fact illegal and should not be allowed to happen.

Of course it is only natural that Rafa would want his former players considering he already knows their style on the pitch and their personal character off of it farely well, but once again if he agreed to such a pact then he should not break it so soon after leaving the disgruntled club.

And Hodgson made it very clear that certain players are not for sale especially since the season has already begun:

We don’t welcome any offers, we haven’t received an offer and at this late stage of the transfer window it would be remarkably unusual for us to accept an offer for a player we don’t want to leave for money we don’t need. I would suggest, with respect, if his agent had a serious plan to move him to the club he should have been working during the last four to five weeks and not the last few days. It is highly unlikely we could receive any offer from another club which we could seriously entertain.

So apparently Javier Mascherano might be heading to Spain rather then Italy after all.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Bringsverd