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Higuain Will Need A Year To Recover Fully

Gonzalo Higuain is out for the remainder of the season after undergoing a injury in Chicago and although it was reported that the Argentinean can return in 4 months, it will be a year before he is back to full fitness.

“The operation lasted one hour and 15 minutes. It was a two-inch incision and it was all cut. He can begin to start stretching in a week and running in two or three. The operation went very well and the recovery time is four months, but to recover 100% it will take a year. Once you have a back problem, sometimes you have pain and others do not. I don’t see any complications for him. Many football players and basketball have returned to playing at 100%. He waited the appropriate amount of time because not everyone that has this injury requires an operation. You have to give it a period of time, which can be anywhere from six weeks to three months. It was a normal amount of time.” Said surgeon Richard Fessler.

Although the news of the Higuain injury may come as a blow to Real Madrid, after their performance against Villarreal, Los Blanco’s definitely look like a squad that can finish ahead of rivals Barcelona. However, you also have to wonder if Higuain will really be the same player for Madrid as he was before the injury.

Think that Higuain will be back to his scoring ways next season? Will Real Madrid be able to finish ahead of Barcelona without the services of Higuain? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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