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Highest Highs and Lowest Lows of August

It was a short month for the first of the 2009/2010 season, but there was still plenty of action around Italy as we saw four teams unbeatable in their first pair of matches and four teams that were, well, beatable.

Highest Highs


We are Cassano crazy hear at the SATO and I said it before the year began,  Cassano will make the difference this season and Sampdoria will avoid the relegation zone and compete for a top six finish.  Last week at home Sampdoria showed the world what they are capable of with a 3-1 win over Udinese.  The club also joint-lead in total goals with 5.


They go on the road last week and edge out Atalanta 1-0.  The week before that they started Roma’s blues with a 3-2 home victory.  Genoa is finding ways to get the job done even if they are winning by narrow margins.  Genoa is spreading out the ball well in the first few weeks.


Juve is another club that rolled over Roma with a decisive 3-1 road victory.  The week before that the edged out Chievo Verona at home.

Lowest Lows


You know your team isn’t having a good start when the coach is already fired after two weeks of action.  But Roma has to put their awful start behind them fast or else they will sink into the relegation zone for good.  Right now Roma is the last club on the table and the six goals they have conceded is more then any other defense in the league.


Also at 0-2 Atalanta can be considered a little less surprising to be defeated so far this season.  But with zero goals in two games Atalanta needs to make serious adjustments fast or they will become a club on the chopping block.