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Here Goes Ronaldo With The United Talk Again

Creative Commons License photo credit: gordonflood.com

Doesn’t this man have enough to deal with?

Ronaldo has another man-crush.  This time he’s REALLY crushing on Wayne Rooney.  You know, Wayne Rooney…Manchester United.  Yeah, totally different league.  Totally different team.  In fact, the team Ronaldo USED to play for.  Here we go again.  There’s something afoot when you have a superstar that you mortgaged your future to get talking about reuniting with a guy on another team who you know WILL NOT leave that team.

Even so, you can’t just go around saying how certain players should be playing for your team.  If you aren’t in charge of the team then you don’t have free reign to say whatever you want.

You know, if this were an executive this would be called tampering.  Since it’s an overpaid, over-indulged, over-privileged athlete it’s ok?  I don’t think so.  Spain’s governing body needs to get a hold on this crap. 

We’ve already had Fernando Torres up in England talking about how he wanted Spanish players coming over to England and now we have a Spanish player wanting to steal English players.

You can try to spin this another way and say, “Well, he just meant ONE DAY he’d like to play with Rooney again.”  We all know full-well that that’s not what he meant.  He meant SOON.  Probably, the sooner the better.

I have no problem with romanticizing what “could be”, but when you’re a public figure you need to do alot of that romanticizing behind closed doors to people who aren’t recording what you say.

Ronaldo needs some friends.  Actually, maybe alot of those guys do.  They say things to reporters that they should be saying to people in their “inner circle”. 

For all the crap I’ve given Tiger Woods…at least he HAS an inner circle.  They may not be friends, but he doesn’t run his mouth in the media either.

Ronaldo…for all that is holy.  Find someone to talk to–preferably someone without a camera, tape recorder, or pen and paper!