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Henry Doesn’t Want To Play Arsenal?

Thierry HenryIs it me or am I confused?  Thierry Henry doesn’t really want to play Arsenal.  He made it sound like he was about to have a fist fight with his best friend.  Actually, he made it sound like he was so depressed he wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed for the Champion’s League leg against Arsenal where he will play for Barca:

“I’m not saying I won’t try to fight or whatever because that’s the way the game is. But I don’t want to play against Arsenal.  It will be weird for me to step on the pitch, even if it’s at the Emirates and not Highbury, with another shirt on.”

Would he celebrate a goal?

“Forget about it. No. I do not want to play against Arsenal, simple as that.”

“The bond that I have with the Arsenal fans I will never get anywhere else. Because I don’t think I will ever play for another team for that long.  Eight years – I don’t think I will be with another team for eight years. I am getting old now.”

Ok, so you signed with Barca and left Arsenal and now you’re complaining about it?  This is going sound like I’m in 3rd Grade, but:

If you love them so much, why don’t you marry them?

I mean, you were already there.  You could have played your whole career in England.  You could have played your whole career for Arsene Wenger–just about.  You could have stayed as long as you liked–in all probability.  So, you don’t get to say that you don’t want to play them now.

That’s like going to the beach on vacation and saying, “I hate sand”.

Personally, this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever.  Thierry Henry.  You’ve had everything you could ever want.  Call us when you get over it.

Creative Commons License photo credit: themikelee