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Head of Referring consider World Cup a success

Although many complaints have been concerning the officials and their game-changing mistakes, the head of refereeing for Soccer’s governing body still feels that that the World Cup was a success as he believes that in the 62 matches thus far in the World Cup, 96% of the calls have been correct.

With FIFA debating whether or not technology should be used in games because of mistakes coming from the referee’s, a Spanish official still believes that it was a success despite some of the mistakes being a game changer.

Although some might believe that this is a way of hiding the mistakes that the referee have made, Jose Maria Garcia-Aranda, is not denying the facts that there has been some mistakes, but overall the officials did a good job.

Jose Maria Garcia-Aranda went on to say the following :

“It is a big success, we have to say it is not an opinion but facts. We are not hiding our mistakes or the mistakes of the referees on the field of play.”

With Howard Webb refereeing what may be the last World Cup match without technology, Webb is another referee who feels that nothing can be done with mistakes made on the field.

“There is no point us sitting here as match officials and saying everything is absolutely perfect. But it’s also right to point out that the vast majority of decisions have been very sound and very correct.”

I agree that we have should have technology in the game but only for crucial situations that may be a game changer. In the U.S. game when they were able to come back from a 2 goal deficit and tie the game, Maurice Edu was clearly robbed from the game-winning goal and although the U.S. still finished first in the group, having to go out extra harder the next game could have affected their fitness when they took on Ghana.

The most crucial mistake however was against England when they were robbed from a clear goal that definitely was crucial to the team. Yes they did go on to lose 4-1 but if they were given their goal, the results could have definitely been different.

With the referee’s doing a good job overall, FIFA should still acknowledge how having goal-line technology or technology period can advance the game to another level. I feel that we need to take advantage of this because to many teams have been robbed that could have easily deserved their victory had their been technology in place.

What’s your take on this? Think the referee’s did a good job in the World Cup? Would u want their to be technology in place? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.