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Hamsik Vows Comitment To Napoli

Not long ago Napoli’s star midfielder, Marek Hamsik, shouted out his wishes in playing for a bigger club, seemingly inviting Ac Milan to submit a serious bid on him, but the table seems to turn this days as the Slovakian vows his loyalty to the Partenopei in a recent interview.

The midfielder revealed that at the moment playing for Napoli is his focus as it’s pretty much the real thing in his life, while Milan was nothing more than just a speculation.
Furthermore, Hamsik stated that he is ready to give everything for Napoli in the new season, especially doing the best in the Champions League, a major competition that the Slovakian can’t wait to be part of. The ex-Brescia youth player also revealed that thinking about his future outside of Naples won’t be right at the moment, considering the utmost trust he received from the club’s president, Aurelio De Laurentis, and also his love for the city along with the people.

“Milan? I never let the reality of Napoli out of my sights. I’m focused on Napoli and the new season ahead. I don’t want to think about my long-term future. The future doesn’t interest me right now, it wouldn’t be right with regards to President Aurelio De Laurentiis who believed in me from the start,” Hamsik said. “My heart just can’t wait to hear the Champions League anthem at the Stadio San Paolo. I love Napoli, I love the Neapolitans, I love the city. I never thought about leaving.”

Strong rumors about Hamsik’s potential switch to Milan this summer also erupted after renown agent, Mino Raiola, who has been exclusively working with the Rossoneri recently, joined the Slovakian as one of his representatives. Answering that situation, the former Brescia player revealed that Raiola is only acted as his agent in Italy and doesn’t necessarily connect with a move with Milan since his main representative is still Juray Venglos.

“Juray Venglos is still my representative, Raiola just follows me in Italy,” Hamsik stated

It remains to see whether Hamsik’s latest wind of change is a permanent decision, meaning that the potential move to the Rossoneri this summer is permanently close, or it’s another temporary words that might change again in the next month. At the moment, the interest from Milan looks to cool off indeed as the Red and Black squad seems to focus their target in another player since Napoli aren’t interested in selling the Slovakian midfielder.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tanzen80