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Half a Sensei Out?/FIFA Screws The Pooch

Two things to talk about this morning that affect my entire sports weekend.  First, let me say that I am very glad that my wife (who is going on a mission trip to a far-off land for about a week) is not flying through France or Ireland to get there because right now someone is probably screaming their head off in the streets of Ireland.  Let me say this…you FIFA people need replay and you need it now.  Everyone who works for FIFA who saw the handball by Henry should be disciplined immediately for not doing anything about it at the match and before the teams left the field.  Moreover, if this doesn’t make you want to have instant reply I don’t know what will.  BTW- For those of you who wonder why Soccer doesn’t take off in the U.S. here’s reason #47454556:  They don’t use instant replay and with a blatant missed call (and the precedent to back it up) FIFA will not order the replay of a match.  American sports (with the exception of Baseball which has slipped anyways) are used to calls being righted by instant replay so that championships and things are not decided like this.  FIFA should be ashamed of themselves.

Now, an esteemed colleague here at SoccerTicketsOnline posited that David Beckham may be hurt because he has a boot on his foot.  Is it for a serious injury or precautionary David Wilson asked.  Listen, if David Beckham is hurt then half of my “Sensei of Soccer” is not there.  If this happens then RSL wins the cup.  If, as I suspect, Beckham is wearing a boot for precautionary purposes then the Galaxy take it.  There’s nothing more we can do than wait.