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Hailing the Ageless Pippo Inzaghi

Filippo INZAGHI celebrates scoring showing a shirt with the number of his goal in European competitions 70.Esultanza dopo il gol con la maglietta.Milano 3/11/2010 Stadio The word ageless is probably the appropriate thing to say about Ac Milan’s veteran striker, Fillipo Inzaghi, who despite of his age still manage to prove his goal scoring prowess in the highest footballing stage such as the Champions League.

The 37-years-old, who always seen as a forgotten player every time he comes of the bench, becomes Milan’s hero once again by netting two goals for his club when they faced Real Madrid this Wednesday.

Coming into the field in the second half with his team trailing 1-0 through Gonzalo Higuain’s strike in the first period and didn’t looked that threatening offensively, Inzaghi amazingly turns thing around for the Rossoneri as just minutes after he was brought on for Ronaldinho, the veteran bomber scored the equalizing goal. Although the process of the goal wasn’t actually pretty as it comes from two mistakes from Madrid players, but the determination that the former Juventus’ striker shown in the goal deserve a credit.

However, Pippo’s story doesn’t just ends with the equalizing goal as ten minutes after scoring his 69th European goal, the 37-years-old striker gets his second of the game, although he does looked offside before scoring it. That two goals lift the crowd’s voices for at least 93 minutes after the sloppiness of the Rossoneri’s defense once again allowed the away team to score this time through Pedro Leon, who successfully slotted the ball under Abbiati’s leg.

Having only two minutes left in the clock, surely that’s inst enough for both teams to score the winning especially since Madrid smartly put on a time wasting substitution by putting on Raul Albiol instead of Mesut Oezil. Milan’s failure to take all the three points against the Spanish side seems evident to any fans as the veteran striker doesn’t actually looked excited after the final whistle blown by the referee.

The amazing spirit and determination from Inzaghi is definitely something that have been missing from football pitch this days, there just haven’t been many players who still possessed the same kind of heart and spirit as Pippo does. The admiration of the veteran striker’s quality doesn’t only came from Milan’s fans as after the game, Jose Mourinho specially embraced the striker and seems getting into some fun and friendly discussion with the 37-years-old striker.

Overall, Wednesday night can surely be another special time for Inzaghi as it was the day where he scored his 70th goals in European competition, equaling Raul Gonzales’ current record. Even if his goals still aren’t enough to give the victory for Milan, at the very least Pippo has once again shown that back in the day there is a legendary striker that always give everything on the pitch for the Rossoneri regardless of his age.

photo credit: mitbbsnews1