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Guti Wants to Move to Inter?

Panoramica 002 - Estadio Santiago Benabeu
Creative Commons License photo credit: ArchiM

What could motivate someone to leave all this?

Way back when I predicted that Real Madrid with all of its fancy-pants-high-fallutin-money-slinging-superstars would eventually crumble under the weight of all that cash, ego, and expectation.  Well, I think I might have found the first visible crack in the foundation at Bernabeu.

Midfielder Guti is said to be eyeing a move to Milan to play for Inter.  The reason?  Wanting to experience life in another country.  Honestly, if Guti REALLY wanted to experience life in a new country he could take a move to Barca.  After all, it’s the capital of Catalonia and they don’t even BELIEVE they’re Spanish.  That’s a whole other country right there and you don’t even have to take a flight over the Mediterranean.

What do I think the reason for this sudden move is?  Well, let’s rule some things out.

1.  The success of the team

2.  The future success of the team

3.  Not loving the team (he came through their youth program)

4.  The favor of the team (he hasn’t played in 2 months, but they are still with him)

This isn’t it.  The reason he’s leaving Madrid is because they’ve brought in all of this ego that is cramping his style and he figured “You know what?  I’m too old for this!”  So, off he wants to go to Inter.  I think the “ego-infrastructure” of Real Madrid is starting to collapse.  Apparently he’s had a run-in or two with Manuel Pellegrini.  Now, I am not privy to the inner-workings of the Real locker room, but can’t you imagine what a guy who is injured (and isn’t playing) can possibly have to say to his coach that would result in an argument worthy of reporting?

I can!

It probably went something like this:

“These pretty boys are screwing up my club!  Stop them now before it’s too late and we turn ourselves into the New York Yankees of Soccer.”  (You know, the team no one really respects.  They just pretend to respect them because they win.)  Yeah, he challenged Pellegrini on his management of all that talent and ego and now he’s over it.

I’d be shocked if Guti was the only guy on this team who felt that way.  Maybe we’ll see some more players come out of the woodwork looking to move on.  Let’s wait and see.