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Guti leaves Real Madrid after 15 seasons

Jose Maria ‘Guti’ Gutierrez has spent almost his whole career at Real Madrid as he has spent 15 seasons with the Spanish club. However, now with offers coming in from other places and Real Madrid looking to add some more players to the club, Guti has decided it would be best if he had left the club and resume his career elsewhere.

“I have a good offer from them, an interesting one, now we’ll see, It wasn’t an easy decision” Guti went on to say.

So who is interested in buying the midfielder?

It has been reported that Turkish side Besiktas has been linked to bring Guti over to there side and Guti is seriously considering if he shall take it.

With former Madrid coach, Bernd Schuster, currently at Besiktas, Guti would have no trouble fitting into the clubs system. However, Guti’s heart will always be at Madrid and “I hope people miss me, it will mean I did my job well.” Guti went on to say.

Two player that have been with Real Madrid for over a decade are now going to be seeing themselves making a move away from the club. The first player to have said to be making the departure is Raul who has spent a longer time than Guti at the club. Raul has been linked with Bundesliga side Schalke 04 and now it is said that Guti will be making his move to Beskitas.

Although no deals have been reached yet for either player, it does seem like the transfers are bond to happen.

Sad to see leave two legends of Madrid depart from the club? Can you see both players succeeding in their soon to be destination? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.