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Gus Poyet to Tottenham?

Harry Redknapp is likely to be the next England manager. This is hardly a revelation and nor is it something new. Everybody who follows English football is aware of the idea. It even seems to be a case of a matter of when and not if he is to become England manager. The question that nobody is asking, however, is where exactly will leave that Tottenham Hotspur and who will be chosen to replace Harry Redknapp?

The Englishman has been Tottenham’s best manager for a long time. He has turned an unpredictable team into a winning and consistent one. He has transformed the reputation of Spurs, from being perennial London underdogs, compared to Arsenal and Chelsea, to being the top dogs in the capital of England. It is of little surprise he has such a good reputation after the wonderful job he has performed at White Hart Lane. Everybody who supports England, it seems, would be pleased to see Harry Redknapp become the manager of the English national team and nobody more so than Arsenal fans. Only, there is a group of supporters who don’t want to see Harry Redknapp in the job. That group are the Tottenham fans. They are desperate not to lose their influential manager because they cannot see anybody who could come in and guarantee to continue the good work of Harry Redknapp.

Jose Mourinho, it seems, is the only option Tottenham fans want to entertain as an alternative to Harry Redknapp. Quite how Jose Mourinho feels about leaving Real Madrid for Tottenham, however, is not something Tottenham fans appear to be asking themselves. Jose Mourinho is still well loved by all his former clubs. Just this weekend the Internazionale fans at the San Siro and the Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge were singing for his return.  From a distance, however, it seems unlikely. David Moyes, another credible option, is being linked with the job by the few people who have considered the issue, but his style of football is not one that Tottenham fans wish their club to be associated with. That’s not to discredit the Scottish managers work. He has performed wonders for Everton at Goodison Park and is rightly respected for it. Tottenham fans just don’t want to see their team play such a direct style of football after watching such gloriously entertaining play under Harry Redknapp. All that being clear, however, it should be noted that a manager of such distinction like David Moyes could probably alter his style accordingly.

The other option, and one who just today signaled his intention to apply for the post if it becomes available, is the current Brighton manager and former Tottenham midfielder, Gus Poyet.

Gus Poyet has worked in a managerial capacity at White Hart Lane before, operating as Juande Ramos’ assistant. Gus Poyet had this to say about the possibility. ”I would like to be considered for big jobs because that is what I am managing for. I have a long-term contract here and I will try here. But if I can’t [achieve my ambitions here] I will need to move on.”

A clear indication that he would consider working at Tottenham Hotspur, and perhaps even wants to, again.