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Guatemalan Footballer’s Body Found By Police

Carlos Mercedes Vasquez was a young Guatemalan footballer that played for Malacateco in Guatemala’s first-division football league. The defender was also a member of Guetemala’s national team and the twenty seven year old recently was activated for his nation’s November 17th friendly against Guyana. Guatemala went on to win the friendly 3-0, but less then two weeks later something horrible would happen to the young footballer and the story is among the most bizarre you will hear for a long time regarding the sport of soccer.

Vasquez was murdered, but the way in which he was murdered was strange and as grotesque as possible. The young footballer’s body was found by Guetamala City police in a remote wooded area chopped to pieces and dispersed into five separate plastic bags. Vasquez was kidnapped the day before when he was hijacked in his car along with a few friends and a day later he was found chopped up and the only evidence left at the scene of the crime were the five plastic bags and a note that claimed that the defender had “messed around with other women”.

Their is no proof of the letter being true yet and often footballers and their families are targeted in some of these places and several tragic cases of this has happened in the last few years to big star players, so this could have been such a case that turned bad because someone wanted to kidnap the star or it could have been a personal vandetta that some powerful person or drug cartel type of character could have had against the footballer too.

Nobody knows yet why exactly a twenty seven year old footballer was chopped to pieces and left in the woods and hopefully some time in the near future their is some clarity to why this awful crime was committed, but regardless of the why it is still a terrible story to hear about and one that we hope has some type of closure soon.