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Guardiola Thinks Gap With Madrid is Unfair

Pep Guardiola in DCBarcelona earned a magnificent home victory over Valencia on Sunday and the inspiring performance let a bit disappointment for Barcelona’s tactician, Josep Guardiola, as he bemoans about the current 10 points gap which doesn’t really show the true quality of his club.

After witnessing the Catalan side’s inspiring play against Valencia, Guardiola admitted that with that kind of game, Barca shouldn’t be that far behind Madrid in the table.

However, despite admitting his disappointment with the current situation in La Liga, Guardiola accepted that his team are trailing their fierce rival at the moment as it’s something that needs to be acknowledged. Furthermore, the tactician also believed that the victory against Valencia on Sunday will provide more motivation for his players in continuing the fight in chasing Madrid in the league, although things does look difficult at the moment.

It’s a shame we’re so far away. I sincerely believe that our play isn’t representative of being 10 points down, but we are, and we have to live with it. The distance is what it is, let’s see if we can fulfill our job,” Guardiola said. “We must compete well, if we don’t this [season] will be very long for us. We have to try to make sure that these three remaining months in the league aren’t drawn out and we must try and compete the best we can.”

It would obviously a difficult task for Barcelona to close the current 10 points gap with Madrid especially since Jose Mourinho’s side doesn’t seem to lose much points against other weaker teams in La Liga. Meanwhile, the Catalan side themselves have been rather poor in their away fixtures this season, as compared to previous year, they obviously lose much more points currently and pretty much what made them trailing Los Blacos that much.

Aside from the poor form, another speculation also emerged regarding Barca’s current difficulties in catching Madrid in the league and that is Guardiola’s hesitant in confirming his future with the Catalan. Many believes that the tactician is still figuring out his motivation in coaching Barcelona since the former midfielder has been winning lots of titles with the club and could be interested in trying out other experience.


Creative Commons License photo credit: braveheartsports