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Guardiola speaks about Tuesday's 'Copa del Rey' match and says Mourinho is “Probably the best coach in the world."

Barcelona and Real Madrid may be rivalries, but Pep Guardiola has paid respect to the Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, as he made claims that the Mourinho is “Probably the best coach in the world.”

Speaking to the media earlier today, ahead of Barcelona’s ‘Copa del Rey’ match on Tuesday, Guardiola went on to say the following: 

“He is probably the best coach in the world. It is often difficult to decide in these cases who is the best, but his career in several countries is immaculate. Real Madrid [has] a great team, and I knew that the league this season would be competitive from the very first game. We hope to keep up.”

As for their match on Tuesday against AS Ceuta, Pep stresses the fact that his players “Must not get lazy”, he continued with the following:

“We must not get lazy. I have great confidence in the team, and we are eager to compete. There are players in the squad with a perfect profile for this game. We need fresh legs and there are players who are accustomed to playing matches in the Segunda B and below. It may not be an important game for them, but it is a dangerous game for us. Our team have never disrespected an opponent, and won’t do so at Ceuta, where there are many great fans of Barcelona. I understand that they want to see Xavi [Andres] Iniesta or Leo [Messi], but this team has many great players.”

Think AS Ceuta stands a chance against the Catalan club? Feel free to share your thoughts and predications of the match in the comments section below.

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