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Guardiola: It Wasn't Barcelona's Time

Barcelona’s elimination from the Champions League by Chelsea obviously add a bitter taste for the Catalan side, especially their tactician, Pep Guardiola, who ahead of the second leg clash was very confident over his team.

However, the tactician simply believed that this season might not really be theirs as nothing seems to go as plan, including their difficulties in chasing Real Madrid for the La Liga crown, which almost certainly will fly to Jose Mourinho’s team by the end of season.

Speaking after the match against Chelsea, Guardiola believes that luck simply wasn’t on their side as despite playing well in the two leg they simply couldn’t brake down the Blues’ stubbornness and failed to outscore them either. The tactician however, is still proud with what his men has shown in the competition as it wasn’t an easy ride for them anyway especially from the quarter final where they already faced a very good team.

“It wasn’t meant to be this year. The first thing that goes through my head is immense sorrow. We played exceptionally well for 180 minutes, we did everything we could to be in the final. We’ve never worked this hard to be in a final. We failed because we didn’t score [more goals]. However, we worked very hard to be here,” Guardiola stated.

The Spanish tactician also highlighted that Barcelon’s overeagerness in getting more goals when they were already save with a two goals lead, simply lead into a disappointment for them. Getting into the second half, knowing they still need more goals simply affected their morale as Barca players have some worries about their defensive setup as well, since a 10 men Chelsea can still break score a goal. Guardiola hoped that they can learn something from this failure, especially in assessing the situation wisely and simply not trying to push for something that wasn’t really necessary.

“With the 2-0 we didn’t stop, we kept on attacking. No one can have everything. It can be a lesson that you learn with time. The 2-1 wasn’t good for us psychologically. We went out in the second half, we had a penalty, and they were reinforced,” Guardiola explained.