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Group Stage in Champion’s League Almost Done

With the Champion’s League Group stage almost done there’s only a few more matches left and some clubs need to get it together…and quick.

After ManU got a hat-trick yesterday from Michael Owen and Cristiano Ronaldo scored two more goals for Real Madrid the top of the Champion’s League is shaking out nicely whilst some teams are scrambling to get something done…anything really.  Juventus is dead in the water and you think the least they could do was play for pride yesterday, but they couldn’t even do that in a 4-1 beating they took from Bayern Munich.  Zurich never even looked like they tried (even with 1 win), Atletico Madrid showed us all why their LaLiga season is going as badly as it is by sucking beyond sucking in the CL, and Liverpool remained listless.

Right now Liverpool can play for pride and perhaps right their Premier League season by playing well against Fiorentina on Wednesday, but with all of the turmoil surrounding the club I can’t EXPECT anything of them, but if they do well then they can at least have higher hopes for their League season.

Barcelona needs to put their foot down against Kiev.  When you have your main rival (Real Madrid) playing better than you in the CL and nipping at your heels at home you HAVE to do something to show them that you mean business.  Just because you’re playing in a European tournament doesn’t mean that they aren’t paying attention to what you’re doing and all of the trouble that Barca had with Rubin Kazan HAD to partially fuel Real Madrid’s fire that got them to the point they’re at now (and doing most of that without Ronaldo.)  It’s all about PR for Barca and they need some really good PR coming out of their last Group Stage match.

Arsenal is playing so well in the Group Stage of the CL that you’d wonder why they are 8 points out of 1st place in the Premier League, but hereagain it may be necessary for Arsenal to show us all that they mean business by sticking it to Olympiakos on Wednesday so that Chelsea (who drew in their last match) and ManU (who beat the heck out of Wolfsburg) don’t get too comfortable in the CL OR the Premier League.  To give them any kind of edge will essentially guarantee we’ll see Chelsea and ManU in the Premier League Final again this year (which I’m not opposed to, but it would feel like Arsenal just laid down for them.)

The “PR Mania” will only continue when we get to the next phase of the Champion’s League (and I can’t wait!)