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Group H Has The Only Brazil-Proof Team in the Tournament

Group H at World Cup 2010 is quite funny:

Spain, Switzerland, Honduras and Chile.  I hope the Swiss, Hondurans and Chileans have fun playing for second place in this group because, as the title suggests, Spain is the only Brazil-proof team in the Tournament.

Honestly, that’s who I want in the final anyways.  I love Spanish soccer in general and I REALLY love their national squad.  Spain attacks and attacks and attacks until you can’t take it anymore and they’re the perfect Doc Holliday to Brazil’s lunatic-gunslinger persona.  (If you’re not aware, Doc Holliday was one of the best gunfighters in history because he was completely unafraid of dying…much like the Brazilians.)

There’s nothing wrong with not attacking, but how do Honduras, Chile and the Swiss want to get any upper-hand on Spain?  I don’t care who plays for Switzerland, but it’s Switzerland!  They’re neutral for the love of Pete!!!  You can’t pick them.

Honduras and Chile are intriguing, but if we recall all the drama surrounding Honduras’ qualifying and the riots in the streets and turmoil that the players have to endure I have to say that if they are here after all of that then they get a honorary affiliation with Africa.

I know the African Theory is for African teams, but can you tell me how living in Honduras and living in Africa are any different from each other right now?  You can’t…and that’s why Honduras get “Honorary African Nation Status” for the 2010 World Cup.

As always, I could go just based on what players each team has, but the World Cup means so much more than that nowadays.  The World Cup has always been a BIG DEAL, but in the past 20 years with nations becoming emancipated from Imperial colonization the Tournament became a referendum on National Pride and that National Pride means so much more than it ever has…year after year.

So, who has more national pride at stake?  Honduras.  They have people rioting in the streets and strife all over the place, but this team can unite a nation…that’s enough expectation to get them out of this group.  It won’t WIN the World Cup, but it will take them far.

Spain rolls…Honduras lives on pride.