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2010 World Cup Preview: Cameroon

Painted FanThe Team: Cameroon’s team is known as “The Indomitable Lions.” That’s a lot to live up to right there. They are doing their best to earn that moniker, and they are one of the few countries that enjoys relative stability in that region. Cameroon looks great on paper, but I guess any nation would look pretty good standing next to some of its neighbors. I think I know why the country is succeeding (both on and off the pitch). It is a nation of overachievers.

The Cream: I believe it is a country of brilliant artists who are celebrated for their unique contributions to world culture. Some of those artists paint their performances on pitches, and a few of them will need to paint their masterpieces for Cameroon to succeed in 2010. The main lions they need to be particularly indomitable are Kameni, Makoun, Emana, and, finally, their prolific finisher at forward, Samuel Eto’o (42 goals). He’s as quick as they come.

The Dream: This will be Cameroon’s sixth World Cup, but the furthest they’ve gone is the Quarterfinals (in 1990 when Lineker led the Brits to the Semis by putting a line drive PK through Cameroon’s collective heart). They are undoubtedly the most successful African team of all time and the tournament is being hosted (for the first time) on their continent. I have a feeling we will see an African nation in the Final for the first time ever in 2010.

But, will it be Cameroon? Why not? I’ll be generous and put their odds at 50:1.

I like their style.

After all, Cameroon’s national motto (which is en francais) translates in English as “Peace – Work – Fatherland”.

I don’t think they mean this Fatherland, though. I certainly hope not.

Good luck Cameroon.

Creative Commons License photo credit: manbeastextraordinaire