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2010 World Cup Preview: Serbia

Serbs cheer their team
Creative Commons License photo credit: jpvargas

The Team: The Serbian National Soccer Team is the direct descendant of the Yugoslavian National Soccer Team, but that doesn’t mean it will play like a boy among men. Sure, it is technically a “young” team (formed in 2006 when Serbia became independent from Montenegro), but it actually features some savvy, veteran players. FIFA actually doesn’t consider the Serbs to be a new side though, and it actually credits the team with the Yugolavian team’s records.

The Cream: Thus, despite the fact that Serbia didn’t become a country until 2006, the Serbian National Soccer Team has been around since before the first World Cup (I’m confused about it too, OK). It was at that Cup that they had their best ever finish, fourth. Who is hoping to improve on that result at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Well, Dejan Stankovic of Inter is the Captain and maestro in the midfield and Nemanja Vidic of Man U is the shut down defender.

The Dream: I like Serbia’s team, and I think they are a darkhorse team to watch in South Africa. They have players who ply their trade at the top levels of European soccer, and they have a coach with a ridiculous 13-1-4 record. All in all, I think they will surprise many people at the World Cup. However, I just don’t think this team has the offensive firepower to take home the world’s most coveted trophy. So, I put their chances of hoisting the Cup at 50:1.