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2010 World Cup Review: Slovenia

The Team: Slovenia? OK, yesterday I at least pretended that I knew something about Algeria, but I must say that I actually know just about nothing about the third foe the US will face in the 2010 World Cup. In my defense, I guess the reason I know so little about Slovenia is because it is so new. After all, I am twelve years older than the country itself. But, can Slovenians play soccer? Well, yes, of course they can. In fact, many Slovenians starred for Yugoslavia prior to 1992.

The Cream: So, who are the best Slovenians currently plying their trade on a soccer pitch? I think the following three crucial stars must perform well for Slovenia to escape Group C: West Brom MF Koren (their Captain and offensive maestro in the middle), Handanovic of Udinese (their brick wall between the posts), and Novakovic of Koln (their sneaky fast striker). If these three men can will their teammates to victory, Slovenia may have a shot.

The Dream: Well, actually, even if that trio performs well and inspires others to do the same, they may still end up losing. You see, Slovenia doesn’t exactly have a deep team, and many of the men they take to South Africa will likely have never faced such stiff competition. This team is still a little young and raw, and I just don’t like their style of play. They try to make teams beat themselves instead of trying to beat them. I think they will beat themselves. So, I put their odds at 250:1.