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2010 World Cup Preview: Greece

Greece vs. Portugal (LTU-Arena in Düsseldorf)

The Team: Ah, yes, the Greeks. Kids in America “go Greek” at college, but that usually just involves a lot of costume parties and kegs o’ beer. We may wear togas and visit vomitoriums during such affairs, but they do not come close to portraying what Greece is actually like. One of the world’s most hallowed nations, Greece boasts a bevy of cultural and political treasures. But, their soccer team has never been that great. Will 2010 finally be the year they break out?

The Cream: The Ancient Greeks had their heroes and gods, like Odysseus and Achilles, but the modern Greeks also have heroes and gods on the soccer pitch, like Giorgous Karagounis (team captain and MF with over 90 caps), Angelos Charisteas (F with 23 G in just 80 or so caps), and Vasilis Torosidis (star Olympiakos DEF). The team also benefits from the fact that many of the best players get to ply their trade together for Greek’s top teams all year.

The Dream: When it comes to translating whether Greece can succeed at the 2010 World Cup, it’s all Greek to me. This is only their second World Cup appearance (the first came back in 1994), and their qualifying performances left a bitter taste in my mouth. I cannot describe what it is about this Greek side I don’t like, since they have good skills, speed and decent physicality on the pitch. I just don’t see them winning it all, so I will place their odds at 150:1.

Creative Commons License photo credit: poolie